November 8-10, 2019

It is with pure intention that we behold sacred space for the Gathering of Women and our children, nourishing our roots awakening ancient ways of walking in alignment with our Mother Earth.

From the beginning of time, women have gathered, danced, sung, and bled passing on their wisdom teachings, ceremonies and medicines for the soul. We come together, each as women of like-mind and heart to listen, learn, lend, and love. We embody conscious community to practice natural ways of living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our planet.


Plant your garden

The Garden Gathering is open to all those who identify as women. The Garden is a place of learning and sharing regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or body size. We are committed to providing a nourishing and safe environment for all of the community to feel comfortable in sharing and celebrating who they are. Let us be non-judgemental, profoundly kind and immensely open to all the diverse women we meet. With grace and humility we tend to the Earth, ourselves and each other, to discover the answers to life, our dreams and new ways of living in harmony.


Share in sisterhood

We are all here to offer something to the betterment of our world, as each of us carries a voice, a gift and potent potential to discover and share. Sisterhood is a harmonious integration regardless of where you may be on your path, together we celebrate the feminine through skills, ceremony and song. There is a beauty and power in planting a seed and tending to a garden of dreams and visions together. We awaken to empowerment, a sense of belonging and a nourishment to the spirit. It is our wish that you experience and take away something much greater and fruitful which be can be shared and planted in communities and beyond.


Awaken in harmony

Each morning at 6:00 a.m we awaken and step into the gentle spaces of Tea Ceremony, Yoga, other embodied practices to begin a new day, anchored in nourishing and grounding ourselves through movement, sound & stillness. 

Tea is feminine, and when we connect with her in ceremony we find a space of gently harmony within ourselves by remembering our connection with nature. She is plant medicine, communicating, opening and guiding us gently to our true path and way of being. 

Yoga, & other embodied practices offered, is the union of individual consciousness with Universal consciousness. You may explore emotional integration, spiritual elevation and meditation for the well-being of the body and mind. 

Nourish yourself

Everyday you will have healthy and vibrant food prepared for you. Breakfast and Dinner are included in your ticket, and our loving kitchen team will choose from a range of organic ingredients to create nourishing meals. All meals will be aligned with a vegetarian/vegan diet and are prepared and served with love and intent. Food is living, and the energy of the ingredients used deeply reflect the energy that transmits to all the cells of our body. We are not forcing a diet, but ask that during the duration of the Gathering you remain open to adopting a primarily plant-based, whole foods diet and abstain from meat and processed foods. When our body is clean, our minds are clear and we can dive deeper into our heart's intent and happiness.  If you have any specific dietary needs or any allergies please get in touch and let us know. 

As it takes a lot of preparation to cook each meal, a vegetarian/vegan lunch will be made available for purchase onsite from this year’s incredible lunch market. You may also choose to prepare your own lunch to the Gathering and bring it with you. If you require additional substance please bring snacks for yourself and children. 


Journey to remember.

Vice free

The Garden Gathering is not without intent as it is an opportunity to retreat into nature and realign to natural ways of living. We disconnect from everyday attachments such as being on our phones and laptops and rest into a journey of self-love. Honouring the process of purifying our relationships with the earth, each other, and ourselves we kindly refrain from the use of alcohol and substances for the duration of the Gathering.

All in divine timing


Class sign-ups

Classes announced during Opening Ceremony. Sign-ups occur directly following the opening ceremony. Courses that require additional materials may incur a small fee. Sign-up's will be on a first come, first serve basis. The class schedule will post on the bulletin board at reception.


Awaken in harmony

Each day rise at 6:30 a.m to be guided in the gentle space of Tea Ceremony, Yoga, or Meditation in nature.



One on one body-work and counsel available for those seeking support from a selection of experienced women in the field of various nurturing practices. A nominal fee may incur.

Join us at The Garden


Share in sisterhood

We are offering something toward the betterment of our world, as we each carry a voice, a gift and power to discover and share. Sisterhood is harmonious integration regardless of where you may be on your path. We celebrate the feminine. Tending to this garden of vision, we awaken to the felt sense of belonging to that of which nourishes our spirit. May our harvest be shared and planted in communities and beyond.